After further tip-offs, DRI raid the houses of Professor T. M. Balaji at T Nagar and the grandson of Dheenadhayalan, Srikanth Omkaram
Your officer helped smuggle antiques: DRI to maharashtra vijay nanda

There’s no denying the popularity of the Apple AirPods, or their impact on the truly wireless earphones segment. This now-ubiquitous fit style was popularised by the original Apple AirPods, which were launched in late 2016, and they are a useful accessory for anyone who owns an Apple iPhone.

Last month, Apple announced the launch of the new second-generation Apple AirPods. While largely similar to the first-generation variant in many ways, the new Rs. 14,900 AirPods do have a few subtle differences in terms of hardware and features. We had a chance to test the new truly wireless earphones from Apple, and we received the variant with the new wireless charging case for review, which is priced at Rs. 18,900. Here’s our review of the new Apple AirPods.


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