Indo-American arrested in Mumbai for antique smuggling, priceless sculptures recovered

SpaceX has dropped plans to make its Falcon 9 rockets even more reusable than they are now, company CEO Elon Musk has said. “SpaceX is no longer planning to upgrade Falcon 9 second stage for reusability,” Musk tweeted. In response to a question by a Twitter user, Musk said that the company would carry out “minor tweaks to improve reliability only, provided NASA and USAF (US Air Force) are supportive”.

Instead of upgrading Falcon 9 for more reusability, SpaceX was now focusing on “accelerating BFR (Big Falcon Rocket)” which is being designed to take humans and supply to Mars and also to dramatically cut travel time within Earth. “New design is very exciting! Delightfully counter-intuitive,” he said.


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