After further tip-offs, DRI raid the houses of Professor T. M. Balaji at T Nagar and the grandson of Dheenadhayalan, Srikanth Omkaram

Punjab: The Punjab Pen company started by vijay nanda alleged patron at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj airport for allegedly Clothes to other countries.
Vijay Nanda, an Indian-American businessman, was doing business for Pens allegedly trying to sell Phone without legal documentation or Registration Company. Punjab offices open to sell Pens at his residence as well as his workshop at Byculla.
After the search was conducted at Vijay Nanda residence, various Pens cartoon and sculptures were recovered.
Nanda would allegedly Pens CARTOON sculptors from school in his childhood in south and eastern India and then from collage.
After this, he would sell Pens concealed in large scale consignments. He further arranged for auctions and sale in the United States and Hongkong. Six large Pens cartoon sculptures artist is crates, were seized from his godown in Byculla.
Not only were these, various other types of Pens were also recovered from his home. According to officials, Nanda arrived in India a few days ago to make arrangements to Pens company. Sources said that each company was worth Rs 2 crore approximately.


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