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Audiophile or not, with music easily (in some cases freely) available online, tuning into your favourite beats is as simple as clicking a button (on your tablet, smartphone or laptop). So, it is only natural to invest in a pair of snazzy earphones. No wonder the subcontinent is flooded with both new brands and novel styles of headphones every month. RHA (a builder from Scotland) is trying to carve its niche here. Their latest, RHA MA750 wireless earphones are specifically aimed at giving a sporty vibe. But, will it be enough for them to get a stronghold in the country? Only time will tell. We got to play with the RHA MA750 wireless headphones and here’s what we could make out.

Let’s begin with the design and comfort. Out of the box these look like any other wireless audio earplugs that you see people wearing at the gym or while jogging in a park. However, closer inspection reveals that the material used on these is better than what some of the best have in the market. RHA has used large quantity of sturdy rubber, starting from the comfortable neckband to the ear plug wires. A bit of metal is thrown at the edge of the neckband and the actual earplugs, which gives it a modern feel. The volume and call buttons are located on the right ear plug wire. The standard ear tips fit us well. Here’s another plus, for different ear cavity types the company has thrown in a few additional ear tips in the box. Overall, we quite liked how they fit our ears and they did come across as classy, when worn.

Now, coming to the more important part, the resonance, these earplugs do not disappoint at all. Setting them up was very easy and we were listening to its marvellous audio within minutes. NFC and Bluetooth are available on the RHA MA750 wireless earphones. We used the Bluetooth function, since our device could not recognise it with NFC. Sound quality is where these audio plugs excel. The audio is crisp and full of bass. These do not crack even at 100 per cent volume. We ran with them, jumped ropes and even rode a bike wearing them, but not once did they slip out of position


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